It all started when I noticed a lump developing.
Julie Makin has been following Ovarian Cancer Action’s activity since she was diagnosed in April 2010 with an ovarian mass. It all started when she noticed a lump developing on the right side of her stomach. In a short time her bowel movements became so regular she became practically incontinent. And she had to urinate at lease 10 times a night. "The worst part was falling asleep at just after 6pm, which was not normal at all for me." says Julie.

"My stomach started to swell and I changed from a dress size 12 to looking nine month’s pregnant. I went to my GP who did an ultrasound and then referred me to my local hospital where they did another ultrasound." says Julie It felt like they didn’t know what to do. She had an MRI scan at a different hospital and her oncologist told her that they had to get this “thing” out and quick.
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