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I'm feeling great, not 100 % yet but pretty close. My personal trainer has helped tremendously, I'm getting stronger each time we train together. This is so important to me since I want to feel like the person I used to be, the desire to be as I once was.

That might be an unachievable goal, my family thinks I'm very negative, I feel I'm more of a realist. It's tough dealing with cancer three times and believe it's gone for good.

That's being realistic.

I'm setting up my appointment for a Pet scan, I'm being somewhat of a coward as I don't want to hear anything but this: "It's Gone".

Since I have been feeling so well I've started upgrading my house, first a new garage door then new flooring in one of my bathrooms. One could consider this a downside to feeling better because now I'm spending money. There is nothing wrong with my garage door or the flooring in the bathroom.

Why am I making these changes? Because it makes me feel good. We cancer patients deserve feeling better after the nightmare we've been through. That's my opinion anyway. Our skiing trip is coming up soon I was beginning to get worried that the snow pack would be more of a block of ice. Praise God the snow is coming back. Yea !!

Keep me in your prayers as I don't want to come back with a broken clavicle, that has already happened on another ski trip.

In Jesus,
Sharon Leigh

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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Like our Facebook page. Everyday we post the most recent breakthroughs and human interest stories on Ovarian Cancer.

Ovarian Cancer

This year in America Ovarian cancer will strike an estimated 25,500 women, and kill more than 14,000! Ovarian cancer remains the deadliest gynecologic malignancy and the fifth leading cause of cancer deaths among women in the United States.

What’s the problem? There is no early detector for Ovarian Cancer!

It’s been 25 years since a test for ovarian cancer was introduced to help diagnose this disease.
Should this get your attention, YES!
Should you do something about it? Yes!

I sailed along in life eating well, working out regularly, I didn’t smoke, didn’t have a drinking problem, only the occasional glass of wine. When one day I was told you have cancer. I have what! Wake up Sharon you have ovarian cancer.

It was found in the first stage, why? the early detection exams listed below found my cancer. I grant this there was a history in my family as my sister died from ovarian cancer. My question has always been this, I was examined for eight years before this was found.

Why can’t these tests be used as a regular, early detection tool for the discovery. All of the reports indicate that there is not substantial evidence to back this up. I am not an MD I am just a person who wants to do something about women suffering and dying unnecessarily. These women are not the only ones suffering, their family members are with them every step of the journey.

1a blood test of the serum CA 125 level (CA 125 is a high level of protein in the body)

2 transvaginal ultrasonography (TVU)

3 a pelvic exam

There is a new biomarker ...that has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for making a diagnosis of Ovarian cancer but only for monitoring the recurrence and progression of epithelial ovarian cancer. HE4 it will improve the ability to properly treat women in whom ovarian cancer has been diagnosed. The hope is it will be used in the future for an actual early detection in conjunction with the CA 125 serum.

Lets hope and pray that soon there will be the early detection break through we have been waiting for and end this nightmare.

Help End Ovarian Cancer

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