I’d much rather be embarrassed and alive

Teresa’s Cancer Survivor Story:
I had no symptoms, or didn’t realize it was a symptom until after the fact, and only went to the doctor because I was annoyed. I had what I thought was an infected ingrown hair bump on my vulva. I get them often, but this stubborn bump was different. It wasn’t red or inflamed, and it didn’t hurt. I couldn’t actually see the ingrown hair, but what else could it have been? It was big and hard and round, much like a wart. I thought that it had to be an infected hair bump. I really thought nothing of it and only called my doctor to have it removed after a month of trying to figure out how to “pop” it.

It was almost six weeks before I was able to get in to see my gynecologist for a non-emergency visit. He said, “hmm... well, this is an interesting looking bump. Why don’t we send it for a biopsy, just to see if the infection needs treatment?”
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Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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