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Dear Diary,
I don't really keep a diary just thought I would start writing as if I did, silly huh?

I've been trying to write about my latest walk (tired of the word journey) with ovarian cancer, I find it very difficult.

I had hoped this would have come to an end by now only it hasn't. The original plan was surgery then six treatments of chemotherapy. Well, that has now changed, I'm trying to keep my head up and have a "this to will pass" attitude. Not so easy at this moment.

More surgery, more chemotherapy!! I'm having problems with platelets, blood counts and sodium counts all being too low for the so called final treatment of the original six. I'm now hearing there is one tumor which has shrunk considerably and very weak, without getting this sixth treatment my fears are it's going to start gaining strength. I keep asking myself how can stage one OC have so many problems, I was in stage one nine years ago, I didn't have any problems like this.

I'm really sharing my heart on this blog, which is unusual for me. Everyone has plans and dreams, we all know life gets put on hold. My plan was selling my house and moving to the Colorado River, I have bought a house there looks like I'll have to back out of the sale.

I'm feeling brokenhearted and very sorry for myself. But how pathetic can I be? I'm still here and there is hope. My King is still on the Throne with Him all things are possible.


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Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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