Almost no one thought I would survive

Sharolyn’s Cancer Survivor Story:
I had gained about five pounds and began walking several miles a day and exercising at the gym to try losing the weight, all to no avail. I attributed the occasional ache in my abdomen to the exercise routine. On the very last day of my teaching contract for the academic year, I developed a fever and chills. I drank lots of fluids, took two aspirins and went to bed early. I awoke the next morning with a slightly lower temperature and abdominal pain. Thinking I had appendicitis, I immediately contacted my family physician, who saw me that afternoon. He diagnosed the problem as an intestinal virus, recommended fluids and medication for the fever, and said I should be fine to leave for the vacation my husband and I had scheduled. I felt better as the week progressed and left for our vacation as planned.

During the vacation, I had occasional bouts of nausea and began having night sweats. Upon returning home, I called the doctor immediately. He did blood work and ordered an abdominal scan to evaluate my gallbladder for gallstones. The results of that scan altered my life forever. There was a very large mass that appeared to be coming from my left ovary...
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Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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