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Help End Ovarian Cancer

Judy advised me to get three specific tests which I had never heard of.

I followed her advice about early ovarian cancer detection for eight years. For eight years I was tested and was found to be cancer free. Until one day in April of 2004, my gynecologist said he saw something through a pelvic ultrasound, during my ovarian cancer detection checkup, on my right ovary and wanted to get a better look. I was diagnosed with 1st. Stage Ovarian cancer.

This type of a discovery is almost unheard of as ovarian cancer is usually found in the 3rd. Or 4th stage (114).

My sister died from this terrible disease, it was because of her warnings that I am alive today to tell my story , to fight for early detection and to raise funds for the research needed to save the lives of women all over the world. I do not believe that we women should be given a death sentence because of a lack of the ability to detect ovarian cancer in the first stages.

There have been so many breakthrough’s with early detection of Breast cancer that I feel we are close but are still struggling to find that one crucial test/biomarker.

In America in the year 2009, 21,500 women were diagnosed with Ovarian cancer 14,600 that’s 75% of the women died.

This is unacceptable, please help me fight this silent killer of women, just like Sheryl Silver who gave us Johanna's law.

All net proceeds from this site will be directed to

for Ovarian cancer research and development. This hospital was chosen by Sharon Leigh, and all donations are directed at research with no funds being used for administration fees.